Jangama Meditation Meditate Now

Jangama Meditation – What’s it all about?

Jamgama Meditation teacher, Simon, explains what it’s all about. In a nutshell, what’s Jangama meditation all about? We are a group of experienced meditators guided by the meditation master Shiva Rudra Balayogi, and the aim with our courses is to educate people on the amazing benefits of a regular meditation practice, giving them a foundation […]

Meditate for Happiness

Meditate for Happiness

Meditate for Happiness On International Day of Happiness, Pete Bartlett – Founder of Meditate Now – invites you to “join the campaign for happier world” and meditate for happiness! Today, Monday 20th March, marks the United Nations International Day of Happiness (IDOH), which is orchestrated by Action for Happiness, a global movement taking action for […]

Meditate Now Launches

Meditate Now Launches!

Meditate Now Launches Today!! Here we go! Today is the official Meditate Now launch day, the UK’s first websearch facility for meditation and mindfulness classes. We’re on a mission to make meditation more accessible for the digital generation. The Meditate Now website is your one-stop guide to all the meditation-related events happening around London. Each […]

Transcendental Meditation Meditate Now TM

Transcendental Meditation, what’s it all about!

Transcendental Meditation teacher, Mark Heath, explains what TM is all about. In a nutshell, what’s Transcendental Meditation all about? Transcendental Meditation is sometimes known as TM. It’s a 20-minute twice a day technique that you can do anywhere as long as you have somewhere to sit. It is very effective at allowing the stressed racing […]

Meditate Now

Zen Meditation, what’s it all about?

Here’s a brilliant Q and A with London based Zen Meditation teacher, Mark Westmoquette. In a nutshell, what’s Zen meditation all about? Let’s take the word “nutshell” as an example. The phrase is one way in which we have used a label for an object (the word nutshell) to represent a concept (to say something […]

How to Walk and Meditate

7 steps to transform your walk to work into a meditative experience.

7 steps to transform your walk to work into a meditative experience. Sometimes I don’t find the time to sit and meditate. The good news is that I’ve found that not only can anything be done mindfully, but by doing rather than sitting, I’ve not only refreshed my practice, I’ve also refreshed how I view […]

Do you Fall Asleep Meditating?

Do You Fall Asleep Meditating?

Do You Fall Asleep Meditating? I used to fall asleep meditating all the time. It started when I was doing yoga. As soon as I lay down for Savasana at the end of practice I was off to dreamland. Then when I started a proper meditation practice I just had a battle on each time […]

How To Use Meditation As A Tool For Insight

What does it mean to meditate on something? This is a phrase people throw around a lot. Have a problem? “Go meditate on that.” Hit a roadblock in deciding what job to take, or where to live? “I’ll go meditate on that.” But what does this mean? Meditating on something is not simply thinking about […]

How To Practice Vipassana Meditation

What is Vipassana meditation and how do you practice it? According to many, Vipassana meditation is the actual practice that gave rise to the Buddha’s enlightenment over two and a half thousand years ago. Today, Vipassana is considered one of the most popular forms of Buddhist meditation. In the West, it was popularized by contemporary […]

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