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The Story So Far

Pete Bartlett Founder Meditate Now


I’m Pete Bartlett, founder of Meditate Now. I’ve been been meditating, in one form or another for the last 15 years.

In my late twenties I hit a rough patch in the road and meditation was a big part of my way through it.

I started going to a meditation class because my head was insanely busy at the time and it was suggested that it might help. At the class I was taught to observe my thoughts rather than get caught up in them; good news because they were exhausting me, and some of them were quite dark at the time. Pretty soon I found myself accessing a whole world of peace underneath my thoughts that I simply hadn’t known was there.

I’ve come to see the mind as a brilliant instrument but not a great master. The wisdom and peace seems to lie somewhere beneath and meditation is my key to get there.

So, to fast forward to now. At the start of 2016 I wanted to find a new class. I knew I had Tuesday nights free and I also knew I didn’t want to venture more than a couple of miles from where I live in West London. I went online….. and

3 hours later, having trawled through 40 odd websites I still had only a vague idea of what was out there.

“How much easier it would be if all this info was under one roof”, I pondered.

Well, a year and a bit later, here it is!

Put in your postcode, the day of the week, and see what’s around you. Simple.

If you want to dig down a little deeper then our advanced search can help you pinpoint specific types of meditation as well as courses and classes that cater to different reasons you may have for wanting to access meditation.

In addition, I thought it’d be really useful if you could read and leave reviews on different classes. In my adventuring around different meditation classes I found some were much better than others. I wished I’d had a way to pick and choose beforehand and now you do.

Check out the blog too, it helps demystify what the different disciplines are all about as well as giving you fresh ideas for your practice.

The social media feed is designed to give you a healthy diet of exciting meditation related events happening nearby.

And if there’s anything else you’d like from us, please do let us know. All feedback for improving what we do is warmly welcomed!